Translate your data into high quality content & advertisement

Automated content production & distribution

Automate your content production. Render connects to your data and creative input – as well as relevant distribution channels. Then it generates and distributes all creative outputs.


No platform is an island. Connect to a wide array of data services, ad platforms and DSPs. Here are some of the most popular.

Content from data

Use data to automate your content production. Data can be anything from creative copy, master video and photos to product information or audience insights. It can be inputted manually‚ by connecting spreadsheets or even custom feeds from advanced tech stacks.

What's in the box?

Render provides simple access to advanced feature sets. With fast roll-out and ease of use. No tech stack requirements.


Out platform enable you to publish messages to a virtually endless array of channels with video, images, HTML, print and data feeds.

Smart Templates

We use advanced content frameworks, that adapt design and layout to data and situation. A single template deliver multiple layout output across channels.

Data Connections

Your data drives our content automation. We have a flexible set of solutions to connect to your existing marcom stack and workflow.

Asset Transformation

Transform and optimize existing assets to wide-scale omnichannel publishing, with image quality upscaling, background removal, cropping and more.

Asset Management

Use our asset manager to store, organize and serve your creative assets.

Not sure if you are ready for content automation?

Have our experts do an Automation Readiness Assessment to identify barriers and opportunities within your organisation – and provide insights into if and how you may benefit from content automation. Reach out now