About us

Render is a creative tech company, based in the heart of Copenhagen

We speak our mind, hold our ground, admit when we are wrong, share our win when we are right – and go get our own damn coffee. That way, we all get to be our best.

Our promise

We pledge to make content creation more accessible and effective through automation technology

The robots are coming for our jobs! We say "Let them have 'em!" Let’s leave tedious and repetitive tasks to the machines. But let’s make sure that AI and automation is used to empower the many instead of safeguarding the few.

Content automation helps to:

  • Create a level playing field that allows publishers, content creators and advertisers of all sizes to connect directly
  • Remove content redundancy without compromising privacy
  • Secure that the internet stays open, and doesn’t fragment behind paywalls


Martin Ottesen

Sales Director

Peter Rask Gadmar

Senior Client Partner


Michael Jeppesen

Chief Executive Officer

Christian Kemp

Chief Operating Officer

Bo Kanstrup

Chief Technology Officer

Dennis Laursen

Chief Product Officer

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