Magic sauce for spreadsheets

Turn your data into advertisement in a second – videos, banners, landing pages, anything you need to be a fully operational marketing machine.

Render is turning spreadsheets into agencies. Adding Render to the mix makes it possible for anyone to turn raw data into ads. If you can handle a spreadsheet then you can also produce all the content you need for your campaigns and channels.

For as little as $2,000 a month.

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Content Automation

Content automation is the natural next step in marketing automation. Content Automation allows you to produce any kind of content to any kind of channel and output without human intervention. It’s incredibly effective and gives marketers and brands a whole new set of opportunities.

What can content automation do for you?

Best performance hack ever

Not having to check with budgets when new content is needed makes it possible to be relevant to every single customer out there. Being able to make 100 different videos to 100 different people is a game changer when it comes to performance. 10.000 different messages? As long as it is in a spreadsheet it is not a problem.

Speed is your new friend

Anything happening in the world right now that you want to talk about on all channels and in all formats? Open the spreadsheet and start typing. Your message will be on all channels in a minute. The only thing that takes time is keeping your spreadsheet up to date. The production part from spreadsheet to content in the form of videos, banners etc. is instantaneous.

Forget about ad fatigue

Most people have no interest in advertisements. Showing them the same ad again and again doesn’t make things better. Our non-cookie based contextual optimizer makes it easy to reach all target groups with relevant messages - without ever showing the same person the same ad twice.

It’s a major cost saver

With all manual work taken out of the equation it’s easy to save on production. Render is true automation and not just another tool for improvement of work flows. Render is both the workflow and the actual work, fully automated.

Automated improvements

Stop worrying about split tests and two messages competing for their life. Render automatically reacts to the performance of messages. And as long as you have done your homework in the spreadsheets, it will try out other designs until the most effective piece of ad is created.

It’s channel agnostic

Videos, landing pages, social ads, TV commercials. Render can produce content for them all. It can even produce automated T-shirt designs if that is what our client needs.

Data gets to work

We have all heard the promise of data. “In the near future…” so the promise begins, “data will be able to help us do ….”. But for all the magic, data should be able to deliver in the future, the real effect today is generally that it requires a lot of work. Perhaps the greatest thing about Render is that it makes data work. Render offers a simple way for your data to do the talking.

CO2 friendly

Render is highly energy efficient. The carbon footprints of automated production of content is infinitesimal in comparison to manual production. And even if we take the energy consumption of server parks etc. into consideration, digital advertisement puts a much smaller burden on the environment than advertisement in print.

All the words

DAM [Digital Asset Management]

Digital Asset Management is the place you have your assets, meaning logos, pics, videos and text. It is normally located in the cloud. If you have a DAM system, Render connects to it, if you don’t, Render will act as one.

PIM [Product Information Management]

Product Information Management is the place you have product information, like sizes and prices. If you have a PIM system, Render connects to it, if you don’t, Render will act as one.

DCO [Dynamic Creative Optimization]

Dynamic Creative Optimization is a system that creates iterations of ads for a single channel. In a typical DCO you manually prepare your ads for a predefined output. Render functions as a highly advanced DCO. It not only acts like a DCO on any and all platforms and channels at once. It also automates the manual part which traditionally has required the work of many graphic designers.

CDP [Customer Data Platform]

Customer Data Platform is a system that collects and unifies first party customer data.

If you have a CPD setup, Render connects to it. If you do not, Render will gather the data directly. From that point on, Render will create all the ads you need in order to create targeted and personalized ads to be relevant across all segments.

CDN [Content Delivery Network]

Content Delivery Network is a group of geographically distributed servers that speed up the delivery of web content by bringing it closer to where users are.

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